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Torque Rush

X-Link Convertible Gold/Silver Blade

X-Link Convertible Gold/Silver Blade

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X-Link works with either truck 87mm(e.g. Trailblazer SS or 08+ truck) or car style(e.g.Corvette) 90mm throttle bodies(car style pictured above)

Robust, all automotive class construction

Maintains the independence of the two throttle position sensor signals

Simple plug n play installation

Works with your original throttle actuator control(TAC) module and pedal assembly

Allows full throttle blade range to 100% wide open throttle

Get the full potential out of draw-through superchargers like the Magna Charger Radix or` TVS and the Kenne Bell and Whipple twin screws

Allows use of 90mm electronic throttle on L76, L92, TBSS and FAST intake / induction swaps

Simplifies L76, L92, LS2 and LS3 engine swaps into these LS1 vehicles

Less restriction and improved airflow for turbocharged or high output naturally aspirated applications

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