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Spike Performance

VS Racing 44mm Wastegate

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VSR 44mm Gen 2 Wastegate comes complete as a kit with flanges. base spring pressure is normally 12psi Springs are included are Red 4psi Green 6 psiand Yellow 7 psi Natural color spring in the unit is 6 and 6 Instructions for use If you using spring pressure – Hook you pressure source incoming usually from turbo to bottom port. You will have 3 ports to select from choose based on your best location and cap the other 2 ports. Leave one hole vented on the top and cap the other. Water Cooling is optional you will have 2 4an water ports that are not required but you can use at any time.\ Electronic/Dome Pressure setup If you are using a solenoid you will tee your input to the bottom coming from your pressure source. Output of your solenoid will go to either top port. You will cap the other top port if not being used for a dome pressure sensor.