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PRC LS3 Heads

PRC LS3 Heads

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Introducing the Brawler Series CNC LS3 Heads! The goal with the Brawler series cylinder heads are to provide a standardized on the shelf, in-stock cylinder that can ship out very quickly and to provide customers with an incredible bargain!

If you are looking for a great replacement/upgraded LS3-style cylinder head, look no further than these fully CNC ported Brawler cylinder heads!

These are inspired from a factory GM LS3 cylinder head casting but with the tried and true CNC porting program. Equipped with TSP Stainless Steel valves and TSP/PAC Dual .660 Spring kit with Titanium Retainers, this new cylinder head option provides maximum value for customers wanting to upgrade from stock cylinder heads on a budget. 



  • Same CNC Porting As PRC LS3 Heads (257cc Intake port)
  • CNC Valve Job
  • 68cc Combustion Chamber
  • TSP .660 Spring Kit
  • TSP Titanium Retainers
  • TSP Stainless Steel Valves 2.165" Hollow Stem intake, 1.60" stainless exhaust
  • Fully Assembled Ready To Slap On and Tested

Dyno Tested 25+HP Gains Over Stock 6.2L Cylinder Heads!

 PRC LS3 Intake  PRC LS3 Exhaust
       cfm  cfm
   154  115
 223  170
   282  198
 .500      324  211
 .600      351  228
   358  232

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