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PRC As-Cast 225cc LS1/LS2 Cathedral Heads 5.7 LS1/ LS2 6.0

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Precision Race Components all new as-cast cylinder heads completed with CNC machined chambers & valve guides. For  LS1/LS2 applications requiring a high flow aftermarket cylinder head at a unbelievable price!

  • As-Cast 225cc Intake Runners With CNC Machined Chambers & Valve Guides For Unmatched Flow!
  • Large Bore Configurations for customers looking for bigger bores such as stroker or boost applications
  • 68cc CNC Machined Chambers
  • 2.065" Hollow Stem Intake / 1.600" Stainless Exhaust Valves
  • Utilizes Factory LS1 Rocker Arms
  • TSP .750" high rev spring kit with titanium retainers, spring seats, valve seals
The all new PRC 225cc As-Cast cylinder heads are finally available for customers looking for the ultimate as-cast cathedral LS heads available.  The new PRC as-cast intake port has been flow bench tested to flow over 320cfm & can support everything from smaller camshaft street engines all the way to all out race engines. This cylinder head is a combination of a max-effort, high-flowing port combined with a smaller chamber designed for max power in stock cube applications.

Flow Data (4.00" Flow Plate - No Exhaust Pipe):






68 CFM 

56 CFM 


 145 CFM

 113 CFM


 210 CFM

 164 CFM


 257 CFM

 200 CFM


 300 CFM

 214 CFM


 318 CFM

 229 CFM


 321 CFM

 230 CFM