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Pedal Commander

Pedal Commander for Chevy Silverado 07-21

Pedal Commander for Chevy Silverado 07-21

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Simply, it is:

A game changer, that will remove the acceleration lag from your gas pedal to let you explore the true limits of your vehicle.

A Life Changer, unleash the hidden power in your vehicle to get instant feedback.

A Trusted Companion, Whether you want the best experience for highway traffic, valet parking, racing, or crossing valleys, Pedal Commander’s 4 modes and 36 presets will be indispensable. ECO, City, Sport, and Sport+ modes are at your service to give you the throttle response that works for you!

A Mark of Distinction, that will carry your terrain game one step forward. Use your choice of sensitivity to gain an advantage over Asphalt, Mud, Sand, Snow, or Ice.

A Gas Saver, with ECO mode, you can increase your MPG up to 20%.


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