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Holley Hi-Ram Ford Coyote

Holley Hi-Ram Ford Coyote

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Holley EFI Coyote Hi-Ram intake manifolds are designed to fit stock bolt pattern OE heads found on the 2011-23 Ford 5.0 Coyotes and related engine families, such as Voodoo and Predators. These kits include fuel rails for use with OEM-type fuel injectors and clips, mounting hardware, and O-ring gaskets. Offered in black and natural as-cast finishes, the manifolds have a 9.20 in. runner length and are designed to improve the mid to high RPM powerband. The aggressively designed Hi-Ram is constructed in a two-piece design to accommodate for air to water intercoolers and feature up to 20 percent more plenum volume versus Ultra Lo Rams. This manifold design is only offered in an oval throttle body configuration.

Product features:

* As-cast aluminum construction: more durable for boosted applications, can be welded for modifications
* Modular design: accessible runner entries for porting, allows accessories like intercoolers and nitrous plates
* Refined port design with streamlined injector boss for reduced turbulence without loss of flow area
* Allows a variety of throttle valves, including large monoblade, 2015-20 GT350, 2007-14 GT500, 2019-23 GT500, GM LS 4-bolt, 2011-23 Ford Mustang GT (with optional adapter 717-18)
* Fuel rails with -8 AN ports and dual 1/8 NPT accessory ports for gauges or Gen 3 direct injection fuel line hookup
* Plenum Volume: 300-910 / 9.8-liters
* Two 1/8 NPT ports on all manifolds. Two 3/8 NPT ports on all manifolds

For use with 2007-2014 GT500 throttle bodies.
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