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Spike Performance

EV1 to EV6 Adapters Set of 8

EV1 to EV6 Adapters Set of 8

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To further serve the needs of late model GM performance tuners a full line-up of fuel injector adapter harnesses and connector kits. These adapters allow a retro-fit of both new and old style electronic fuel injectors. New style fuel injectors, such as those found on GM's Gen IV engines featuring EV6/UScar connectors, can be retro-fitted and used on vehicles equipped with older-style EV1/Minitimer harnesses. Use our newly developed Fuel Injector Adapter Harness to retro-fit an EV1 injector into an EV6 harness. 

    • Easy, plug-and-play design; eliminates the headache of splicing wires, etc.

    • Offers a clean, professional solution for adapting new & old style injectors

    • Several styles available to fit your specific GM late model engine combination

    • Purchase as complete adapter harnesses or do-it-yourself connector kits, in singles or eight pack

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