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DJD Performance

DJD Performance Engineering HPFP Tool

DJD Performance Engineering HPFP Tool

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LT high-pressure fuel pump preload is a critical factor in the performance of your Gen V LT engine.

Incorrect pump preload can result in reduced fuel pump performance, damage of the HPFP, as well as the potential failure of the engine. The DJD Performance Engineering HPFP preload tool allows accurate measurement of the components that influence preload directly.

What’s included:

1. HPFP Tool Lower – The lower portion of the tool has a handle similar to a micrometer. That handle includes a ratcheting thumb screw and a lock that holds the measuring stem in place. The HPFP bolts to this portion of the tool for measurement of the pump.

2. HPFP Tool Upper- The upper portion of the tool is what includes the gauge. This is the measuring instrument used throughout the preload measuring process.

3. Assembly Bolts & Washers– The two included bolts attach the pump to the lower portion of the tool, as well as the upper and lower portions of the tool.

4. Mounting Bolts & Washers – The longer M8 bolts are used to bolt the tool to the engine's valley plate.

Hard Anodized for durability

Full instruction manual

Easy to use

Eliminates guesswork while taking measurements

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