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CID LS Intake

CID LS Intake

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Made in the USA and CAD modelled with extensive use of Computational Fluid Dynamics, the BE-LS7 & LS3 intake is the ultimate LS manifold for those who want the most HP from a single plane intake equipped LS7 - LS3 headed combination.

That's not a boast, but a dyno and race track proven reality.

The LS7 & LS3 manifolds are available as a single piece or 2 piece casting. The casting has an integral 2 piece flange cast into the center of the manifold.This allows us to cut any one piece LS7 or LS3 intake in 2 at any point in time providing the intake was not modified from its original state.

The manifolds are available for STD (9.240"), mid height (9.45"), and tall deck (9.750") blocks.

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